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Breaded and fried fillet of pork with sautéed potatoes veg mix
Grilled rack of lamb with a mayonnaise/mint sauce
Grilled sirloin steak served with a garlic-herb butter
Sirloin steak with a spicy sauce of piri piri, garlic, mustard and a shot of Maciera
Sirloin steak with a creamy pink/green pepper sauce and finished with Whisky
Mixed grill, Beef, chicken breast, grilled sausage
and bifana of pork with BBQ and garlic mayonaise
Beef Stroganoff, Pan-seared cubes of beef with mushrooms,
onion, garlic, green & red paprika and flambeed
with Vodka finished off with a dash of cream

The main dishes are served plain!
Compose your favourite dish with the side orders mentioned below

Side orders ~ No surcharges

  • Batata frita – French fries
  • Arroz cozido – Boiled rice
  • Batata cozida – Boiled potatoes
  • Batata salteada – Atlântico´s sautéed potatoes
  • Paleta de légumes – Steamed vegetables
  • Salada mista pequena – Small side salad

    Not all the ingredients are listed for each dish. Let us know in case of an allergy or other reason(s)
    When our restaurant is fully seated, it can happen that there are waiting times!
    Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you a pleasant stay !

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